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Zipline Trolley Lanyard with Captive Eye
Our Price: $55.00

Our Double Nested Zipline Trolley Lanyard makes ziplining a cinch. For some pulley styles, a rider should have two separate lanyards attached to the trolley for a safe and secure ride. This trolley lanyard solves that problem by using two sewn tails on a doubled webbing that is sewn together to provide the rider with both main and backup lanyard in one compact unit. Includes an integral Captive eye triple action autolocking carabiner with ANSI Z359.1-07 rating for both major axis and gate strength. MBS is 5,000 lbs. Available in 3 lengths. Assorted colors. We have found this Zipline Lanyard to be compatible with the following Pulleys: CMI Zip Trolley, CMI Rapid Transit Zipline Pulley, Petzl Trac Pulley. (design has changed slightly from that pictured)
Participant Sling Line/Lobster Claw Set with Snaps
Our Price: $60.00

Our adjustable Participant Lobster Claws/Sling Lines are rated to 5,000 lbs and adjust from 3.5' to 6'. They are built with a super strong 1" polyester webbing, forged steel adjuster buckle and 5,000 lb rated forged ANSI Z359.1-07 compliant steel double action snap hooks. Available in orange.
Adjustable Sewn Webbing Lobster Claws with Load Limiter
Our Price: $90.00

Adjustable sewn webbing lanyard set with 3600# gate rated double action snap hooks and Zorber load limiting pack. This is the Instructor Fall protection used on most ropes courses.
Cable Grab for 3/8" Cable - MIO
Our Price: $200.00

Patented cable grabs are designed to provide fall protection for workers ascending or descending from a variety of ladders or vertical structures. The stainless steel cable grab is easily removed or repositioned along a cable. If a fall occurs, the cable grab is designed to immediately lock onto the cable and prevent a free fall. Sold with an integrated shock absorber. Users should be familiar with all warnings and instructions and receive training in the proper use of this device. Product Specs: Universal design Auto traveling operation Durable, lightweight stainless steel design Meets applicable OSHA Standards and ANSI requirements. Recommended lifelines 3/8" diameter stainless steel or galvanized 7x19 aircraft cable (non-lubed) with minimum tensile strength of 8,000 lbs.
MUST be attached to worker's harness using ANSI rated autolocking carabiner (NOT included)